The Grove Kids' Ministry



144 Weekly Faith-Building Volunteers

Research indicates that kids and youth need at least five people, in addition to parents, to build into their lives in order to pass on a lasting faith. Whatever your gift; teaching, shepherding, greeting, cleaning & organizing; you can make a difference and be one of a child's five!


Be One of the FiveAs we journey together, we recognize the importance of a faith community and how the church plays a supportive role with one another in raising spiritually healthy kids. We do this in many ways, but one important way this role is played out is in our Kids' Ministry gatherings. Single, married with no kids, parent, grandparent, empty nester—we are all called to pass on our faith to the next generation. Let’s support one another in one of the most crucial roles God has entrusted to us: building and nourishing faith in kids. Opportunities exist for different gifts, personalities and schedules. We’d love for you to join our team!


Greeter: Warmly welcomes and gets to know families, assists with check-in.

Nursery Caregiver: Nurtures, interacts and plays with the little ones. Some volunteers may choose to help with the story, songs or as room lead.

Teacher/Small Group Leader: Teaches portions of the lesson, shepherds kids throughout the entire class time, engages them in community-building activities, guides kids through a discussion about the story and biblical truths, actively participates in worship and other elements of the class. Small group leaders have the same group of kids each week giving them an opportunity to develop lasting and meaningful relationships.

Worship Leader: Facilitates worship by listening to the direction of the Holy Spirit and inviting others into the worship experience.

Storyteller: After active, personal involvement with the Scriptures and the lesson, the Storyteller recounts The Big God Story for the kids in an engaging fashion. H/She leads by telling personal stories as appropriate and guiding the kids into a time of natural response.

Special Needs Buddy: Provides one-on-one attention for kids with unique or special needs.

Snack Leader: Prepares and serves (mostly) healthy snacks to each classroom.

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