The Grove Adult Ministry




Men's Ministry desires to help men develop a personal relationship with Christ and be spiritual leaders in their homes, loving husbands and dedicated fathers. In today's culture these roles can be challenging and confusing to live out. We exist to help men grow and passionately share the love of Christ. This can best be accomplished through daily Bible study, prayer and service in an environment that has Christian men holding one another accountable to live by faith and conviction.

"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." PROVERBS 27:17

With this in mind, our Men's Ministry offers each of our men opportunities to connect with others, grow in their faith as they study the Bible together, and use their spiritual gifts and talents to build up the kingdom of God.

Men, let's raise the bar as the church moves forward!

Travis Rosinger

Scott Heupel

Volunteer Men's Ministry Director