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As one family in God, we rejoice together and grieve together. We celebrate and remember the milestones in our lives and spiritual growth. Our church staff and family provide support as you and your family journey through life events here at The Grove Church.


We celebrate each new life and would like to express our joy for each new baby born. Please let us know the details of your growing family.

Contact: Becky Swenson |

Parent & Child Dedication

Upcoming Dedication Dates

Dedication shows that parents desire God's wisdom and strength as they raise their children. Dedication doesn't ensure salvation, but it's a public declaration of a personal commitment to spiritually nurture their children. This class is mandatory whether this is your first or fifth child. 

Contact: Bridget Mogck | or Meaghan Berry |



Baptism Sunday | October 29 | 9:00 & 10:45am | Contact Toni

The Christian life is a journey. For many of us, the journey is lined with “spiritual markers” such as baptism. Baptism outwardly declares an inward decision to follow Christ. It shows a commitment to obedience to Christ by following His example of showing life and death through immersion in water. If interested in being baptized please contact Toni for more information. We have baptism three to four times a year. Learn more about baptism at The Grove Church.

Contact: Toni Sather |


We welcome members and regular attendees to unite in marriage at The Grove Church. Premarital classes help couples prepare for their marriage with a firm biblical foundation.

Contact: Becky Swenson |

View PDF Background Information Forms (PDF) must be filled out by both the bride and groom
View PDF Wedding Guide (PDF)


Funerals, Memorial Services & Maple Knoll Cemetery

Funerals and memorial services may be held at The Grove Church. Our staff and funeral team are available for planning and services. 

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